Since her childhood is the artist, Barbara, fascinated by paintings and colorful collages, most likely being inspired by her two artistic grandfathers. With a degree in Tourism, Barbara starts to travel around the world – first as a flight attendant for the former SABENA company, later on her own adventure. By absorbing different cultures, their rich historical traditions and authenticity, she obtains the skills to implement their colorful diversities into her career as a stylist.

In 2010, she successfully returns to her first love: art – and from that moment she decides to dedicate her life to creating collages combined with mediums such as action painting, photography and lace, a remembrance of the old fabric store of her late grandmother.

Barbara rips, cuts and scratches into the layers of the past and the present by rewriting them as metaphors of beauty and revolt, creating images for a possible future. She questions our consciousness and our convictions on boundaries made of taboos and trivialities, in order to plant new seeds of resistance. Innocent and provocative, her images always reveal a deeper meaning creating open space for a freeĀ  interpretation by the spectator. Freedom, resistance and sensuality are returning concepts in her work: ultra feminine art with a spark of eroticism, but always with a portion of self-mockery, willfulness and passion. These images embody a divine medley of various moods as edgy, surreal, poetic, spiritual and last but not least rock ’n rol and social.

Bervoets participated in several exhibitions in Belgium: BE-Part Waregem, alongside the well-known Belgian all-round artist Paul Van Hoeydonck, Verbeke Foundation Kemzeke, MAS Antwerp, Jan Hoet Huis Geel and several other exhibitions in both Belgium and The Netherlands. Recently she did some groupshows overseas from the UK (Newcastle) to the USA (Chicago). Study trips to other countries will absolutely inspire her for more intriguing and straightforward artwork and photography projects.